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Our clients know our value and promote it.

  • 1999-2000 Citizenship and Immigration Canada (Y2K and Business Resumption Training). CANDEF personnel "were well versed in training development and delivery. The training modules developed were well structured and logical in information flow. They quickly sensitized all levels of staff within the Department for the need of business resumption planning. This reflected positively on the project team and increased the acceptance of our efforts within the Department." Guy Bélisle project Director BRP Project
  • 1997-1999 Revenue Canada.  CANDEF provided resources to produce online documentation for several re-engineered corporate accounting and assessing tax systems. "I was very impressed with the ability to adapt to the environment, acquire the subject matter expertise, and deliver quality documentation in record time." B. Morris, Team Leader – Online Information Team
  • 1995 -1998 Health Canada. "CANDEF has been responsible for the design, development and ongoing upgrades to a Transportation of Dangerous Goods database. Because of their expertise in hazardous material shipment, CANDEF was also engaged to help design, develop and undertake our training package for Dangerous Goods. Throughout all contracts, CANDEF has delivered a quality product on time. They have provided advice and additional assistance when requested. The volume and quality of the material provided exceeded our expectations. If any issue arose, they were prepared to ensure it was resolved to our satisfaction." Nicole Casualt, Project Officer
  • 1996-97 NORTEL - Renaissance Project: CANDEF personnel working under sub-contract completed the project management and development of the project web site, project manager's information, and tools repository. Renaissance was NORTEL's initiative to train and upgrade the skill level of their Information System (IS) project managers. The project was awarded NORTEL's 1996 President's Award of Excellence.
  • 1995-96 NORTEL - DataScope project. "These deliverable are all tremendous stand alone achievements…. It is a "world class" example of the successes we have seen since the Finance Systems Excellence program began." P.W. Currie, CIO NORTEL
  • 1994-95 NORTEL - DataScope project. "Thanks for the extra effort in keeping our documentation up-to-date. This was one of the weakest points in the DataScope project, and now our efforts are being used as the examples to other projects and that is a real complement to our and your efforts." Don Rous, DataScope Project Manager, NORTEL
  • 1988-1993 Integrated Systems Applications Corporation (ISA). "A major strength (and one of the primary reasons CANDEF was selected for these projects) is the depth of training experience found in the firm. In our occasional association with CANDEF over the past few years we have been impressed with the depth of knowledge, flexibility and dedication to client service. On more than one occasion, we have seen the results of this. During the Revenue Canada contract, CANDEF was tasked with preparing training exercises for the financial system. Twenty-seven exercises were prepared, duplicated and available for training on Monday morning, after being requested on Thursday afternoon. Few firms are prepared to respond to clients needs this effectively. We would be pleased to recommend CANDEF for technical writing and training documentation." Mukesh Wadhwani Director of Marketing IAS Corp.
  • 1992 Environment Canada - Western and Northern Region. "We are very pleased with the end result. The content of the material exceeded our expectations both in quality and quantity. Other agencies have expressed interest in this work. Our feedback on the material to this point has been positive. The course may become a national standard for Environment Canada inspector training" Richard Kolada, Ph.D, P.Eng Environmental Quality Branch
  • 1991 Government of the Northwest Territories. "Participants evaluated the content of the courses developed by CANDEF as sound and in some cases very beneficial. The instructor’s knowledge of the subject material complemented its delivery." Susan Marks, Management Development Coordinator
  • 1991 Energy, Mines and Resources Canada. "Training material was professionally prepared in both official languages, reflecting departmental requirements as defined in the contract. The actual presentation of the course was excellent. Feedback from the course attendees was very positive. This was a pilot project for the department and specific workshops will be developed using this course as a base. I highly recommend the services of CANDEF for both course development and presentation of material." S. Savoie, Chief Departmental Security EMR
  • 1988-1991 FRONTEC Logistics - CANDEF personnel were "placed under considerable time constraints,… and performed well under these pressures. The output is of a high standard." Derek Smith - Deputy Operations Manager


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