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Our clients achieve these benefits:

  • Readable documents that encourage readers to cover the material presented. Indexing allows the user to find the required material rapidly, thereby minimizing ineffective time.
  • Reduction of employee training time allowing the employee to be engaged in productive activities for a longer period.
  • Reduced downtime caused by unfamiliarity with proper procedures, equipment or software.
  • Lower training cost for individuals by using CANDEF's proven training materials. This allows training to be compressed, done on-site, and just when needed.
  • Accessible training when required using CANDEF's self paced materials.
  • Increased retention of presented material. CANDEF investigates and uses new learning research to ensure our documentation and training materials provide the best approach for maximum retention and comprehension.
  • Flexibility in distribution via paper based, web based (Internet or Intranet), network based, or CD / floppy media prepared and distributed by CANDEF.
  • Reduction in intimidation. CANDEF's skill in online or web-based documents can limit the size of the presented documentation. Advanced search attributes allow navigation to specific items bypassing other unrelated data.


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