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Training Development Services

Our training developers are experienced in the development of training material. They all have backgrounds delivering instruction. Most of our developers have over 10 years experience as instructors and are prepared to deliver the material which they develop in the classroom.

Our courseware and instructional package developers always consider the following factors in the preparation of the training material:

  • Needs analysis. What are the requirements for the training package?
  • Audience analysis. Who are the intended learners? Are they at a basic level, intermediate or advanced level?
  • Methodology required or requested by the client. What specific requirements has the client requested? Is the structure to be modular, linear, interactive, etc.?
  • Lesson plans or presentation preparation requirements. These include specific template or structural requirement to meet existing templates or guidelines which are currently in place at the client's training environment.
  • Delivery mechanism for the presentation or lesson. For example, is the instruction to be delivered formally in a classroom by an instructor (i.e., formal instruction), or via On-the-Job training?
  • Training aids use. What training aids can be used? These may include physical, audio, or visual aids in the case of formal instruction.
  • Participant assessment or evaluation. How is the student or the course material to be evaluated? What constitutes a passing mark? If a student has a difficulty, how is that difficulty to be resolved?
  • What additional specialized training requirements may exist or need to be considered?

Once we have resolved the above questions, CANDEF developers provide our clients with high impact training. See our Testimonials to see what some of our clients have said.


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