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Technical Communication Services

If creating your documentation is like rolling a ball up a steep hill, talk to us.

CANDEF writers, editors, and web specialists handle a wide range of documentation requirements for our clients. Working with project managers and development teams, we can research, analyze, design, develop, edit and provide quality control in the following areas:

  • Reference manuals
  • Work flows and business processes
  • Policy manuals
  • Administrative procedures
  • User manuals
  • Compliance documentation
  • Installation guides
  • Operating procedures
  • Training manuals and materials
  • Safe work practices
  • System documents, including design specifications
  • Test plans
  • Business case
  • Commercial specification, product specification
  • Implementation plans
  • Training plans
  • Maintain project management files
  • Create web-site repositories to facilitate documentation distribution
  • Proposals and request for proposals (RFP)

These materials can be completed in a variety of software packages, on a variety of different platforms (PC, Mac, UNIX) depending upon the client's requirements.

The output can be developed for print based, CD-ROM, electronic download such as FTP, or web based.

CANDEF personnel can work either on our premises or at the client work site as required.


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