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Diverse client needs require flexibility in both resources and their implementation. CANDEF has a pool of resources in the following areas:

  • Technical writers
  • Translators
  • Editors
  • Graphic artists
  • Multimedia developers
  • Instructors
  • Training development specialists

These resources can be aligned to assist you in attaining your needs. We have experience in the project management, design, development, and delivery of:

  • Paper based documentation
  • Online help for electronic applications running on Mainframes, Windows or DOS based systems, or using some combination of client server architecture
  • Online reference, including manuals, web sites, web-based documentation repositories and databases
  • HTML or SGML documentation
  • Instructor delivered training
  • Self paced electronic and paper based training packages and training aids
  • Customized multimedia packages
  • Interactive computer based training modules
  • VHS video packages

These materials can be completed in a variety of software packages and on a variety of different platforms (PC, Mac, UNIX) depending upon the client's requirements. The output can be developed for print, CD-ROM, electronic download such as FTP, or web based.


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