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CANDEF is a vibrant, dynamic company that produces quality training and information resources. We excel in providing detailed content coupled with superior presentation.

CANDEF is highly experienced in undertaking the project management, design, and development involved in technical documentation, training and multimedia assignments. Our technical competency, combined with our motivation and commitment to excellence has resulted in several award-winning projects. We consistently use a blend of sound organization skills and creativity to produce an outstanding product. The number of repeat projects awarded to us by satisfied clients can verify our success in this area.

CANDEF uses a team approach whereever possible. Our teams are composed of a mix of older experienced talent and young, dynamic, and creative minds. A proven, repeatable methodology is used to attain the goals set forth by our clients.

CANDEF is a reliable, honest, and credible organization with a consistently superior track record. We stand behind all or our work, and will ensure it's quality to your satisfaction. CANDEF is so confident in our ability to produce the quality products and services you need, that we will assume risk associated with the project at a level commensurate with our involvement.


Our Mission

CANDEF's mission is to provide productivity enhancing solutions using our just-in-time training and information resources.


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